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Leslie Fish

People/bands parodied: Leslie Fish

(L)Wrote the original lyrics to nineteen songs parodied.
(T)Wrote the tune to thirty-eight songs parodied.
(P)Recorded fifty songs.

RoundwormCredited on Roundworm

Source song Parody
Ferryman (T)(P) Another Urban Legend (P)
Banned from Argo (L)(T) Argo's Fire-Breathing Daughter (P)
Engineer's Hymn (L)(T)(P) Auctioneer's Hymn (P)
Heretic Heart Bandersnatch (P)
Dane-Geld (T)(P) Bashing the Balrog (P)
Boots (T)(P) Bits (P)
Boots (T)(P) Boots II: The Second Irritation (P)
Cat Maiden (L)(T) The Cat Maiden's Regrets (P)
Sentries (L)(T) Censors
Contemplations (T) Condemnation
Hyenas (T)(P) Dead Men File No Claims (P)
Eyes of Eagles (L)(T)(P) Eyes of Night Owls (P)
Fellowship Going South (L)(T) Fellows Eating Breakfast
Hello! Remember Us? (L)(T)(P) Filkers: The Next Generation (P)
Hymn to the Night-Mare (L)(T)(P) Filk of the Night-Mare (P)
Ferryman (T)(P) Filksingers, Filksingers (P)
Thoughts on Strange Visitors (L)(T) Frets about Strange Instruments
The Thousandth Man (T)(P) The Hundredth Song (P)
Kerowyn's Ride (T) Kerowyn's Motives
Eumenides (T) Mellifera (P)
Demon in the Dark Mineral Rights (P)
The Sun Is Also a Warrior (L)(T)(P) The Moon Is Also a Satellite (P)
Witnesses' Waltz (L)(T) Mundanes' Waltz (P)
My Country 'Tis of Thee My Country's Anthem (P)
No High Ground (L)(T) No Dry Rounds
Mount Tam (L)(T)(P) Non-Smoking Section (P)
Horse-tamer's Daughter (L)(T) One in Ten
Lord of the Dance The Perils of `Lord of the Dance' (P)
Medic (T) Physician (P)
Carmen Miranda's Ghost (L)(T) Popeye the Sailor's Ghost (P)
Grain Train (L)(T)(P) Population Explosion (P)
Threes (T) Rama's Company (P)
Golden Eyes (T) Rampage (P)
Troll Hall (L)(T) Read My Lips (P)
Shades of Shadow (T) Shapes of Shadow
Song from the Men's Side (T)(P) Song from the Pigs' Side (P)
The Undertaker's Horse (T)(P) The Technophobe's Lament (P)
Danny Deever (T)(P) They're Singing `Banned From Argo' (P)
Threes (T) Threes: Take 3
Wanderer (L)(T) Travelers
Mazianni (T) Trilogy Readers (P)
Lammas Night (T) The Truth About Alert Solids
Demon's Day, Dark Moon Rising, & Cold Iron (T) The Unbearable Whiteness of Clothing
A Toast For Unknown Heroes (L)(T)(P) A Warning For Unknown Voters (P)
Bridge-Guard in the Karroo (T)(P) Zombies Robbing the Grave (P)

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