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Julia Ecklar

People/bands parodied: Julia Ecklar

(L)Wrote the original lyrics to thirteen songs parodied.
(T)Wrote the tune to fifteen songs parodied.
(P)Recorded twenty songs.

RoundwormCredited on Roundworm

Source song Parody
Phoenix (L)(T)(P) By the Time I Get To... (P)
Doppelgänger Doppel-entendre (P)
God Lives on Terra (L)(T)(P) The Eternal Flame (P)
Temper of Revenge (L)(T)(P) Fair Revenge
The Dark is Rising (T) The Goose is Rising
Healer's Hands (L)(T) Hands of a Dealer
The Blacksmith of the Brandywine (P) Hobbit of the Brandywine
Terminus Est (L)(T)(P) In Bleakest Mordor
Daddy's Little Girl (L)(T)(P) Johnny's Little Pet
Julia Ecklar meddley (L)(T) Julia Goose
The Blacksmith of the Brandywine (P) The Lightbulbs in Brandywine
Lullaby for a Weary World (P) Lullaby for a Weary Body
Ladyhawke! (L)(T)(P) Man/Wolf
Thinking of You / The Cruel War Meltdown (P)
Survivor's Song (L)(T)(P) Mortality Song
Witnesses' Waltz (P) Mundanes' Waltz
Nightcrawler (T) Nightwriter
Horse-tamer's Daughter (P) One in Ten
Threes (P) Rama's Company
Golden Eyes (P) Rampage
Innocence Lost (L)(T)(P) Safety Pins Lost
Crimson and Crystal (P) Shiny and Sharp
All About Berries (L)(T) Smoky Summer
Threes (P) Threes: Take 3 (P)
The Hand of God (L)(T) Toys Ex Machina
Challenge (L)(T) Tuna

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