Reprinted from Songworm 2

Parody of “Spirit”, words by John Denver , music by Joe Henry

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Parody lyrics ©10/11/88 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

Two losers joined; a klutz was born,
Three dozen years ago.
A careless lapse in birth control.
I reap the genes they sowed.

Devoid of grace.  Deprived of skill.
Yet not afraid to try.
To take the risk!  To blow the chance!
An average sort of guy.

Chorus: Hephaestus taught me to dance.
Icarus taught me the air.
Persephone cares for my plants.
Medusa does my hair.

Wet rings on the furniture,
An heirloom is no more.
Pandora gave her box to me,
And left me to explore.

I break my legs on skiing trips,
Get sunburned on the beach.
To strive again, to stretch my skill:
A goal I’ll never reach.

Bungled instrumental. Optionally repeat chorus and first half of song.