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The images are from the covers of the new Star Trek DVDs. Check ’em out!
The Roundworm CD, which is for sale online, includes three songs on the subject of aliens in science fiction. They happen to be the three whose titles begin in “M”.

“Mutant Generations”
A criticism of Star Trek's unrealistic aliens. It's unfortunate that two generations are growing up thinking that aliens will look like actors with bumpy foreheads and be cross-fertile with humans.
“Mineral Rights”
Star Trek Classic episode #26 was one of the few exceptions: “Devil in the Dark” [episode now being released on DVD] That was the one with the silicon-based lifeform. This song sartirizes that episode. Although the Horta seemed like a real softie during that mind-meld, this is what I'll bet she was really thinking, if she was intelligent as all that. [Listen to the song right now on mp3.com/songworm ]
This is a three-part song about the moral conflict among the three aliens in The Gods Themselves Those were truly imaginative aliens, although probably not physically possible. Asimov had an excuse: the novel required a universe in which the laws of physics were different. (“I can't changes the laws of physics, Captain!”)
The lyrics are all online. Just click on a song title. Just one recording is online.


Track 14, “Dear Departed”

contains implicit lyrics

Of course you'll be able to order everything you see on the screen through your Internet account; this means that, merely by spilling beer on your keyboard, you could become legally obligated to purchase a helicopter.
Dave Barry in Cyberspace